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What's New:
  • VINCI, via its subsidiary VINCI Highways, has taken a strategic stake in the capital of TollPlus
  • The Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority’s Board of Directors (CCRMA) Chooses TollPlus, LLC on February 1 2016., to Provide New Back Office System.
  • The contract term is 5 years with the option to extend for two additional three-year periods.

Who We Are

TollPlus LLC. is a software company developing sophisticated end-to-end Toll Road Management solutions to address the challenges faced in Tolling sector.

TollPlus LLC. is a software company founded by a group of experienced software professionals.

Our comprehensive solution emphasizes on

  • Simplification
  • Performance
  • Reducing costs
  • Extensive configuration capabilities for promoting time to market

Our Solutions will give more Operational Benefits For toll Road Operators

TollPlus LLC. is actively engaged in the implementation and innovation of toll systems technology, systems integration, and systems maintenance.


IBTTA & ITS Annual Conference Exhibitions

Toll Roads Maintenance

TollPlus is designed and built to automate the operation and maintenance of toll roads. It provides a modular set of capabilities that support every aspect of toll road operations.

Violation Enforcement

TollPlus takes a fresh, new approach to Violations Enforcement which allows our customers to better manage their violations portfolio, track violations history and reduce the need for write-offs.

Parking Management

Parking Management is made easy as TollPlus facilitates the calculation and automatic collection of parking fares.

Ports Management

TollPlus has built in capabilities to track entries and exits of all trucks as well as their weight and content declarations.

Traffic Enforcement

TollPlus processes all types of violations (manual and automatic citations). These include speeding, parking, red light violations, littering, etc.