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What's New:
  • VINCI, via its subsidiary VINCI Highways, has taken a strategic stake in the capital of TollPlus
  • The Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority‚Äôs Board of Directors (CCRMA) Chooses TollPlus, LLC on February 1 2016., to Provide New Back Office System.
  • The contract term is 5 years with the option to extend for two additional three-year periods.
Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) - Cofiroute USA

91 Express Lanes is an all ETC facility operated by Cofiroute USA, LLC ("Cofiroute") under contract to the agency owner, OCTA. In February 2011, TollPlus entered into a contract with Cofiroute to modify T-BOST™ to reflect the 91 Express Lanes business rules and to provide a new, fully integrated back office solution for the facility. TollPlus began work in February 2011 and implemented the solution in June 2011, including the migration of all relevant data from the legacy system.

Aliance for Toll Interoperability (ATI)

ATI Interoperability is a pilot program designed to facilitate interoperable transactions between toll agencies located in different states. TollPlus in partnership with Cofiroute was one of four vendors selected to demonstrate an effective interstate, interoperability solution. TollPlus developed T-HUB™ for this project. ATI intends to issue a contract or contracts with one or more of the pilot program vendors to provide an on-going software solution for interstate interoperability.

Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA)

As the owner and operator of the Selmon Expressway, the Tampa Hillsborough County Expressway Authority's (THEA) mission is to provide this region with needed transportation improvements using toll revenues to integrate and enhance the region's transportation system in a manner that complements Tampa Bay's natural beauty, utility and functionality.

To help accomplish this, in June of 2013, THEA went operational with the TollPlus and AR Technology Enhanced Image Processing (EIP) product which process customer license plate images whenever electronic (RFID) transaction information is not available.

This first of a kind product uses highly-advanced automatic vehicle recognition software and tightly integrates it with very efficient human review workstations to maximize the automation of video transaction generations while minimizing operational costs and leakage. EIP provides increased financial integrity and improved management oversight, reporting and cost effectiveness of their video toll collection operations.

ICICI Bank - India

TollPlus has customized the T-BOS for ICICI Bank needs and rolled out under the trade name of CEBA and the initial version released for deployment. In coming years, ICICI Bank wanted to extend the CEBA solution to PAN India level. For past 6 months, 15 concessionaires are brought in to the model and ICICI is aggressively pursuing adding more concessionaires in coming years. The coverage includes both Government and PPP managed Plazas. Since the system went live in June 2013, there has been zero down time with the exception of the normal scheduled upgrades.

Miami DADE Express Highway (MDX) - Florida

Recently TollPlus deployed EIP system for MDX video tolling needs. The EIP employs state-of-the-art automatic vehicle recognition software and tightly integrates it with highly efficient human review processes. The EIP fully utilizes the Intrada suite of ALPR and VSR products and combines them with high-efficiency manual processing clients, operating within a high-performance, high-availability environment provided by TollPlus to significantly reduce operational costs compared to what toll agencies have previously experienced. The EIP also features extensible data services and work flow - driven business logic for ease of ongoing maintenance and re-configurability.

Riverside County Transportation Commission - RCTC

The Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) is extending the existing 91 Express Lanes into Riverside County to increase capacity and reduce congestion for an existing 14-mile stretch of SR-91 and a 6-mile stretch along Interstate 15. Tollplus LLC. is working with Cofiroute USA to integrate the two 91 Express Lanes facilities to ensure systems, signage and business rules are complimentary and correspond to both OCTA and RCTC policies and requirements.

Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority

The Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority assists the citizens of South Texas by providing congestion relief, traffic safety, enhanced mobility and viable alternative routes in the era of time conservation. We will work with numerous cities in Cameron County and its neighbor to the South, the State of Tamaulipas, to construct projects at a much more rapid pace.

Toll Roads Maintenance

TollPlus is designed and built to automate the operation and maintenance of toll roads. It provides a modular set of capabilities that support every aspect of toll road operations.

Ports Management

TollPlus has built in capabilities to track entries and exits of all trucks as well as their weight and content declarations.

Violation Enforcement

TollPlus takes a fresh, new approach to violations enforcement which allows our customers to better manage their violations portfolio, track violations history and reduce the need for write-offs.

Parking Management

Parking Management is made easy as TollPlus facilitates the calculation and automatic collection of parking fares.

Traffic Enforcement

TollPlus processes all types of violations (manual and automatic citations). These include speeding, parking, red light violations, littering, etc.